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ACM SS-A1 (MK III) Insecticide
ACM SS-TM1 (MK III) Insecticide
Tractor Mounted Sprayer
  • Suitable for crop protection.
  • Pest outbreak - effective control, fast coverage.
  • Mounted on tractor which power is more than 60 HP and generating power through Power-Take-Off (PTO).
  • Light weight, non-corrosive, durable reinforce fiber glass, and 800-liter capacity spray tank with ultra violet stabilized material. Optional spare tank is available.
  • Epoxy resin coated structure - prevent corrosion from chemical spray solution.
  • Fully equipped with powerful engine and high pressure pump.
  • Equipped with jet pump and mechanically activated inlet valves to enable accurate and fast on spot water refill.
  • Hydraulic agitation inside the tank for easy and fast chemical preparation.
  • Zoom nozzle (optional accessory) of 60 L/ha - 1100 L/ha with two 100 meter hose enables:
    i) Circle & strip spraying
    ii) Blanket spray
  • Seating compartment & toolbox is available.
JACTO Arbus 400 Golden
JACTO Arbus 400 Golden
Tractor-Mounted Air Blast Sprayer
  • Suitable for crop protection.
  • Mounted on tractor which power is more than 60HP and generate power through Power-Take-Off (PTO).
  • The 400-L Polyethylene tank is light weight, corrosion resistant and UV resistant.
  • Pump flow rate is about 75 L/min; ceramic liner ensures greater resistance to abrasion and chemical corrosion.
  • Suction filter is specially designed to prevent dirt or impurities from reaching the pump; possess a quick shut off valve which allows easy cleaning of filter, changing of filter parts or maintaining pump.
  • Locking device of the fan is designed to be used during tank filling, agitation of chemicals mixture during spraying and will reduce power consumption during the said operation.
  • Fine droplets generated from nozzles distribute uniformly over the sprayed surface; droplets size varies depends on flow rate, spray angle and working pressure; nozzles made of ceramic is very resistant to wear & tear and corrosive chemical.
  • Nozzle holder with valve is adjustable to desired angle and can be shut off separately.
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Tractor-Mounted Cannon Sprayer
  • Completely corrosion-resistant with high-density Polyethylene and 400-litre capacity; heart-shaped design allows the total use of spray mixture resistant.
  • Cannon Head - Specially designed for high performance and is easy-to-operate; manually turns up to 290° horizontally and up to 34° vertically; delivers high air volume and speed, covering a wider spraying swath.
  • Highly efficient yet low in power consumption.
  • High air volume - Effectively sprays up to 25 metres from nozzle head.
  • Control valve - 9 settings to control the flow rate; adjustable for operating comfort.
  • Fast refilling of tank.
  • Tightening belts - No need for alignment; tightening is made by means of easy-to-reach knob and screw.
  • Can be operated from ULV to high volume applications.
  • High work rate of 80 ha/man a day.
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Tractor Mounted Cannon Sprayer
  • Chemical tank made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) resists well impacts and sun rays, has an easy-to-read level indicator.
  • Control valve located nearby tractor driver enables ease of application rate adjustment.
  • Pump is powerful and easy to access for maintenance.
  • Filling valve can easily fill-up tank within 5 minutes only, without calibration.
  • Filter protects nozzles from impurities and abrasive particles of chemicals.
  • Excellent spray coverage with distance up to 20 meter, if spray downwind.
  • Has a cover at the cannon opening to protect the nozzle during transport.
  • Its auxiliary rotary atomizer ensures ideal spray swath.
  • Allows low and ultra-low volume applications.
  • It is easy to operate and to adjust vertically and horizontally.
  • Modern, low cost and little maintenance.
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Tractor Mounted Cannon Sprayer
  • Tank HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with 600 L capacity is resistant against corrosive chemicals and UV to prolong life span.
  • The cannon head can be adjusted up, down or pointed to any direction even during spraying. With full hydraulic system, spray angle up to 36° vertically and 238° horizontally can be achieved.
  • Adjustment of cannon head can use independent hydraulic system, without using hydraulic system of tractor.
  • 9 setting valve which is precisely calibrated for easy operation and flow rate adjustment without changing of nozzle.
  • Suction filter is manufactured with corrosion resistant material, equipped with a quick shut - off valve to facilitate cleaning operations.
  • 3 deflector nozzles fit on the main outlet, and 3 nozzles each attached to 2 outlets located below main outlet. Flow rate requirement can be adjusted through nozzles of both outlets located below main outlet.
  • Equipped with efficient JACTO radial fan, they deliver air at high pressure and outstanding high speed with low power consumption, JACTO cannons produce fine droplets with extraordinary penetration into the dense foliage.
  • Sprays up to 25m downwind with outstanding coverage.
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